The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night - Time by Mark Haddon

Product Description

Fifteen-year-old Christopher has a photographic memory. He understands maths. He understands science. What he can't understand are other human beings.
When he finds his neighbour's dog, Wellington, lying dead on the lawn, he decides to track down the killer and write a murder mystery about it. But in doing so, he uncovers other mysteries that threaten to bring his whole world crashing down around him.

My Thoughts

I am aware that most people have already read this book, so I didn't want this to be a review as such. I couldn't however not mention it on my blog. I finished it a week ago and it is still fresh in my memory every day.I loved it, the style of writing. The language used and the insight into the mind of a Fifteen year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome. The story was clever and the diagrams only adding to the complexity of understanding the life of Christopher.
I found that most if not all of the characters were flawed in some way. Whether this was intentional or not I do not know. It felt to me almost as if to say that nobody is perfect and just because Christopher has Asperger's does not mean that he is not normal and that he too can accomplish extraordinary things.
This book has been firmly placed into a relatively small list of my All Time Favourite Reads. I can't believe it has taken me over ten years to get around to reading it. 
Does anybody reading this have a book that they haven't got around to reading for a long time, that when they do turns out to be one of the best books they have ever read?
If you haven't read this book, I urge you to do so immediately. 

About the Author

Mark Haddon was born on 26th September 1962. He has won The Whitbread Award, Guardian Prize, and A Commonwealth Writers Prize for this book.

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