The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

Published: 1st January 2015 by Headline Books, my thanks to them and Bookbridgr for sending me my review copy.

'I'm the only one who knows the secrets her friends have hidden, the mistakes the police have made. 

I'm the only one who can warn her she is still in danger.

I know exactly who attacked her.

He's the same man who killed me.'

Melody Pieterson was brutally attacked and left for dead, five years ago. It has changed the person she is. She is scared to leave the house, mentally and emotionally scarred. Although she tries hard by adopting routines and behaviours to make herself appear normal. With her attacker just released from prison, a new wave of terror comes over her.

Another body is found that of a lady called Eve Elliot. She bears more than a striking resemblance to Melody, and Eve is also found in a similar place wearing the same Birdcage necklace that Melody was wearing when she was found. Could it be that the same attacker has struck again?

Melody bravely begins to find out about Eve, to try and gain some understanding. Why were they both attacked?

Melody begins a journey of self discovery. Can she make it back to herself and start living her life again and not hide in a shadow of her former self?

This book intrigued me very much from the outset, told from three different Narratives; Eve Elliot, Melody Pieterson and DI Victoria Rutter. I think this particular narrative worked very well in the telling of the story from different viewpoints and time lines. Whilst initially it seemed a little odd to have a ghost telling their narrative, if you suspend believe, it really does work and adds to the writing.

I, for one was kept guessing until the final few chapters about what had really happened. My only criticism and it is a small one, would be that I was expecting the ending to be a bit more dramatic, although the tension was most definitely there.

Very enjoyable and highly recommended, particularly if you like psychological crime fiction. There are lots of clues along the way, some of them designed to lead you off track. Most certainly one of those stories that keeps you guessing.

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About The Author:

Colette McBeth was a BBC TV News Correspondent for ten years. She lives in West London with her husband and three young children. She attended the Faber Academy Novel Writing Course in 2011. Her first novel, Precious Thing, was published in 2013.

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  1. This sounds rather fabulous, great review! Thanks for sharing