Lillian on Life by Alison Jean Lester

Published by John Murray (Publishers)

29th January 2015

My thanks to the publisher and Bookbridgr who sent me my copy to review.

This book is the story of Lillian, as she looks back on her life. It is told through a series of memories and recollections of the things in her life that have touched her and events that occurred.

Lillian is a wonderful character. She is a strong independent woman, who at the post war times lived in Munich, Paris and New York. Her story paints the portrait of a woman who could never be stereotyped, and who was forever true to herself and who ultimately was an individual. It can't have been easy at a time when a lady was expected to behave a certain way.

This story was at times uplifting and other times desperately sad. I was left with an overwhelming feeling that Lillian was never in her life, truly and permanently happy.

All manner of themes have been covered. Lillian had to deal with the disappointment of her parents and the expectations of society. She also discusses, love, sex and abortion.

It took me a while to get into the style of writing. Short, sharp memories, that at times seemed to flit backwards and forwards. However I soon settled into it and allowed myself to become engrossed with the story and the voice of Lillian that seemed to leap off the pages.

Really a very good read and quite unique in style.  

About the Author:

Alison Jean Lester was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, she has lived in numerous places but currently resides in Singapore where she has developed a successful coaching and training business. Lilian on Life is her first novel to be published in the UK.

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