Beauty, Love and Justice by Alcina Faraday - FIVE COPIES TO GIVE AWAY!!!!

Beauty, Love and Justice will be published by Urbane Publications on 18th May 2015. I think that you will agree that the cover alone is quite simply stunning. I am thrilled to be able to host the giveaway here for one of five copies of this beautiful book.

I would like to add a note about the publisher if I may, they are independent and believe in collaboration. Collaboration with authors is a given, but collaboration with readers too is something even more exciting. Sometimes it would seem that readers are almost an afterthought. Gladly I can say that this is not the case with Urbane. Do check out their website for full details of titles. I am excited about being part of the Urbane Collaboration Club and look forward to having more involvement in the future.

Onwards to the giveaway:  


Tiago’s had enough of corporate life. He’s going to be a saint.
Ruthless and rich, a seal-pup cute young Turk of the trading floor, he’s got killer plans to restore global economic justice that will get him a harp to set off his Tom Ford suit.
But lovesick Tiago can’t get started until he’s convinced urbane art dealer Raphael Davide they’d make a fantastic power couple.

Raphael’s a slave to beauty with his own designs on the undeserving rich – but his suave exterior belies a brittle heart. His bluestocking sister Clara and her husband Rob would lay down their lives to protect him. And Raphael’s reluctant ex, cracked rocket scientist Tomas Paul Gosele, may know enough about Tiago’s grubby past to blow everything sky high.
Our hero needs friends he can trust. Good job his new neighbour Amelia Postthridge seems a nice enough girl, as gene stackers go. But Amelia’s an apple-obsessed tadpole torturer who prefers trees to people – and she’ll chew up Tiago and spit out the pips to achieve her own plans.

Beauty, Love and Justice is Alcina Faraday's compelling and powerful debut tale of love, ambition, honesty and deceit.

About the Author:

Alcina Faraday is a scientist, businesswoman and stepmother who writes literary fiction about the redeeming power of love and the disturbing possibilities of modern scientific reality.
Her Spiral Wound Trilogy “Beauty, Love and Justice”, “These Modern Girls” and “The Commodity Fetish” follows a cultured rabble of unhinged, uncool, reality-averse GenX/Y outliers as they seek success and heroism, survive squalor and indignity, have a few laughs, and – mostly – emerge relatively unscathed from the moshpit of modern life in Paris, London and Lisbon.
Alcina lives in London and Devon with her engineer husband and a small colony of palmate newts.

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