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I am delighted to welcome Katey Lovell to the blog today as a guest author. I have gotten to know Katey via social media and a mutual love of books and blogging. I am so pleased for her that she has published The Meet Cute Series with Harper Impulse. The series is available now as E Books, details of which are at the end of this post. 

Katey has written us a short piece about the traits she shares with the characters in her stories...

People often ask authors if the characters they write are based on real people, or if they are autobiographical.  The standard answer is generally that they’re not but that they’re influenced by either the writer or people they’ve come across in everyday life.

Without wanting to be a cliché, I definitely didn’t set out to base the characters in The Meet Cute Series on myself.  But as I look back through the stories there are definitely elements of myself in them…

Jade, the protagonist in The Boy in the Bookshop is nuts about books.  She loves her piercings and brightly coloured hair, but despite her colourful exterior is actually quite shy.  I can definitely relate to all of that.  And Marwan, who actually is the boy in the bookshop has strong family values, which I do too.

Lauren and Toby, the couple in The Boy at the Beach, originally meet online.  I’ve shared the story of my own ‘meetcute’ on my author blog ( but my husband and I first ‘met’ on an internet forum way back in 1997 -  I wanted to write a story that showed how real relationships can blossom over the web!  Both Lauren and Toby are chatterboxes and love the warmth and lifestyle offered by Magaluf, where they’ve both ended up working.  I’ve never ventured abroad for work, but my best friend works as cabin crew for British Airways and loves travel so maybe I was subliminally influenced by her quest for adventure when writing this one.

Lily, the leading lady in The Boy at the Bakery is a sucker for a dimple and I’ll admit to finding them pretty irresistible myself.  In fact, when I first met my husband in person his dimples were one of the things I was most attracted to.  Also Cole, who works at the bakery in the story, has a goofy sense of humour and yes, I’ll admit to laughing at terribly cheesy jokes.  I can’t help it, I have a childish sense of humour! 

So in different ways there are little pieces of me scattered throughout the series, although none of the characters are based entirely on me or anyone I know.  I suppose I’ve just given that standard answer again, haven’t I?!

Thanks for stopping by Katey and I wish you every success with the series.

Katey Lovell is the author of The Meet Cute seriesThe Boy in the Bookshop, the first short story in the series was released on October 29th followed by The Boy at the Beach on November 5th and The Boy at the Bakery on November 12th.  All titles are published by Harper Impulse, the digital-first romance imprint at Harper Collins.

About the Author

Katey Lovell is fanatical about words. An avid reader, writer and poet, she once auditioned for Countdown and still tapes the show every night. Getting the conundrum before the contestants is her ultimate thrill.

She loves love and strives to write feel-good romance that'll make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

Originally from South Wales, Katey now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and their seven year old son.

Find Katey on twitter, @katey5678,  Facebook and her author blog

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