Blue Wicked by Alan Jones

This book was published by Ailsa Publishing in 2014. I would like to thank the author for recently sending me a review copy.

The tortured corpses of young alcoholics and drug addicts are turning up in Glasgow and only Eddie Henderson seems to know why. When he tries to tell the police, his information is ridiculed and he's told to stop wasting their time. 

One officer, junior detective Catherine Douglas, believes him, and together they set out to discover why the dregs of Glasgow's underbelly are being found, dead and mutilated. 

My Thoughts:

I was initally approached by the author, who enquired whether I would like to review Blue Wicked, I agreed as I do enjoy a good crime novel. I was however warned that it might be a bit too dark and gritty for me. That sounded like a challenge!

I was nervous upon starting this story, as I had visions of streams of gratuitous violence, I am pleased that this wasn't the case at all. I found the story to be gritty and dark as mentioned but I also found it incredibly well written, with a gripping storyline. Although I did have to read one or two scenes from behind a cushion, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This story centres around Eddie Henderson, who is a vet and Catherine Douglas who works for the police force. After several incidences of murdered pets, human bodies also start turning up. Eddie Henderson manages to create a link between the pets and the humans and goes to the police, who practically dismiss him out of hand. Catherine is prepared to listen and what ensues kept me enthralled from the first page to the last.

I always find it difficult to review crime books as it is hard not to let the storyline slip out and make anything to obvious, so I won't be telling you anything else about the plot.

Suffice to say that this book has plotting and pace that built to an absolute crescendo, a crescendo that I wasn't expecting and had me stunned actually. Just when you thought the worst of crimes had been committed, there was another one just around the corner. 

Some of the dialogue is written in Glaswegian slang. The author has helpfully provided a glossary of terms at the back of the book. I didn't feel that I needed to refer to it, after a couple of sentences as I could hear the voices in my head, however that might be what happens when you have a Scottish Grandma!

The author has also provided a glossary of medical and veterinary terms, this did prove to be helpful and I would hazard a guess that the authors job has provided him with much background information in this area.

This story has a superb plot and had much more depth than I was anticipating. Overall I would love to read more of this authors work. If you don't mind gritty. dark and gruesome crime fiction, then I would recommend it to you.

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About the Author:

Alan Jones was born in Glasgow in 1960 but now lives and works on the Ayrshire coast. He works in the Animal Health Industry. He is married with grown up children and has lots of hobbies, including sailing and making furniture. Alan Jones is a pen name. Blue Wicked is his second novel, his first was The Cabinetmaker and he also has a third called Bloq being published on April 1st 2016.

TWITTER: @alanjonesbooks


  1. Great review, it was quite a gritty read!