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My Thoughts:

Nailing Jess has been described as shocking, I would agree with that. It is also the most unusual book I have read so far this year. It was far removed from what I expected when I set out to read it. I really love the element of surprise that was brought to me.

It took me a short while to adjust myself to reading this story. The writing is great but everything that we know is turned on its head. A crime novel is at the base of this story. A serial killer is on the loose, young boys are being brutally murdered. However this isn't any old crime story, you see. Women are in charge and the men are the stay at home parents. It is the men that get the wolf whistles and suchlike and it is the women that use the foulest of language. The men wear skirts, make up and pras and are answerable to the women. The hierarchy is completely different to the world we live in today.

DCI Jane Wayne is somewhat of a renegade Officer she behaves inappropriately and has been regularly in trouble for her behaviour towards her male colleagues. I must admit to cringing at the way she carried on and I didn't warm to her at all. Although I do believe she was the perfect character for this particular story. She doesn't like her colleague Ben who has been put in charge of the serial killer case, he is a menimist and seemingly everything Jane Wayne hates, she really doesn't want to be answerable to a male.

I was fascinated by the way that the author was able to challenge the reader. To be able to challenge the readers preconceived ideas and stereotypes and make them think about sexist attitudes that thankfully seem to be on the decline and be able to reverse all of that and say What if things had been the other way round?

The language in this book is somewhat colourful and I would suggest that this book won't be for everyone but I found it to be rewarding. I commend the author for tackling gender norms and sexism in the workplace in a way that was inspired. An exciting new author and one to watch out for in the future.

I would be fascinated to read any further work by this author.

About the Author:

Irish born Triona lives in Edinburgh with her son Mikey. Nailing Jess is her debut novel. Triona blogs at

Twitter: @TScullyWriter

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