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Published by No Exit Press on 21st September 2017. My thanks to the publisher for the review copy and Anne Cater for inviting me on the blog tour.

In the depths of the Norwegian winter, a woman s frozen corpse is discovered in the garden of a notorious ex-lawyer, Vilhelm Thygesen. She has been stabbed to death.
A young biker, a member of a gang once represented by the lawyer, is found dead in suspicious circumstances.
Thygesen starts receiving anonymous threats, and becomes ensnared in a web of violence, crime and blackmail that spreads across Northern Europe.
Does the frozen woman hold the key?

My Thoughts:

The Frozen Woman is a wonderful slice of Nordic Noir, that has been seamlessly translated by Don Bartlett. A multi layered story that was intriguing and at times harsh. I really enjoyed the descriptiveness of the Norwegian landscape and the fact that the Author pulled the reader in with a taut plot. The pace is not hurtling as has been known with some thrillers, but this book is as equally engaging. 

The body of a Woman is found in the garden of Vilhelm Thygesen, the police have nicknamed her Picea.  Thygesen used to be a lawyer who is somewhat disgraced, a dishonest and slippery character. Detectives Stribolt and Vaage are called in to investigate and it isn't hard to see why Thygesen is their prime suspect. 

As the story progresses further strands of the story develop and the richness of the plot develops from here,biker gangs and blackmail play a part. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between the two detectives, Vaage and Stribolt. They don't always see eye to eye but they are as equally competitive and both strive for results.

If you are looking for a fast paced thriller then this one probably isn't for you. However I relished the fact that this novel made me concentrate on the intricacies of the plot. It is a fairly short book but one that can't be rushed. 

You can tell that Jon Michelet is an experienced writer, this is more than just Nordic Noir, it touches on some of the social issues of our lifetimes. I feel enriched from having read this one. 

About the Author:
© Hans Fredrik Asbjørnse
Jon Michelet has been one of Norway's leading authors through five decades. He made his debut in 1975 with the crime novel He Who Is Born to Be Hanged, Shall Never Be Drowned. He has since published numerous novels, plays and non-fiction books, and co-authored five bestselling reportage books from the Football World Cup with Dag Solstad. Michelet has also worked as a sailor, a docker, a journalist, publisher and newspaper editor. He is renowned in Norway for his strong commitment to a number of political and cultural causes. 
Michelet has been awarded the Riverton Prize for Best Norwegian Crime Novel twice, for   and The Frozen Woman both part of his long running Vilhelm Thygesen series. He has also had phenomenal success with his epic series, A Hero of the Sea. Telling the story of the dramatic experiences of a Norwegian merchant navy sailor during WWII, the five novels published so far have been topping the charts since 2012, and have sold well over half a million copies, making Michelet a household name in Norway. 
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