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Fruit Woman is available now. My thanks to the author for the review copy and Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me to review it. 

Fruit Woman is narrated by Helen Scutt, a quirky and naïve twenty-seven-year-old. The image of the Fruit Woman has appeared to Helen at important times in her life, particularly in relation to her own sexual and spiritual awakening. But only now, while on holiday with her extended family, does she get her first warning message from the Fruit Woman. 

Set in the l980s, Helen returns with her extended family, after a twelve year break, to spend a fortnight at their favourite holiday destination in Devon: Myrtle Cottages. Due to join them for the second week of the holiday are: Helen's old friend, Bella, Bella's brother, Dominic, and Helen's cousin, Les. 

But shortly after the family have arrived on holiday, Helen's mother announces that she has also invited along someone from church for the second week of their holiday: Christine Wigg, a friend of the family, and victim of a rape several years before. 
In the context of the family holiday, where games of cards, scatological worries, and deep discussions abound, the story centres on Helen's anxieties over the second week's 'guest list'. She's not seen Bella for years, she’s attracted to Dominic in spite of his religious beliefs, and she thinks it a bad idea for her mother to have invited Les, who was originally accused of Christine's rape by her in-laws. Helen's concerns trigger off all sorts of childhood and adolescent memories, but as her anxieties mount, can she make sense at last of what happened years before?

My Thoughts:

Fruit Woman is an individual and unique book, it took me a while to settle into the narrative style but once I did I was hooked. 

Fruit Woman is set in the 1980's, over the course of predominantly two weeks. During a family holiday to Devon. These holiday times were very relatable, the card games, being cooped up under each others feet and the toilet woes. The narrator of our story is Helen Scutt, who seemed a very young 27. 

We begin to see Helen's anxieties mount in the anticipation of the second weeks holiday guests mounts. We get to read about Helen's memories of childhood, her best friend Bella and her crush on Bella's brother Dominic. Also coming are Christine who Helen's mother has taken under her wing. Christine is a recovering alcoholic and has a past that involves being raped, which Les was originally accused off. Les is also coming on the holiday...

The tension is palpable as the story progresses and gets darker until the final denouement which was unexpected and certainly took me by surprise. 

Fruit Woman is a read that required a deal of concentration from me but one which I found rewarding and its uniqueness made it a fascinating portrayal of coming of age, families, adolescence and lies and secrets. 

About the Author:
Kate Rigby has published via various different routes and now refers to herself as a hybrid writer. She has been writing for over thirty years and has an extensive back catalogue. 

She loves cats, singing, photography, music and LFC, She also campaigns online against social injustice.

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