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Escape and Evasion by Chris Wakling is published by Faber & Faber on 3rd May 2018. My thanks to the author and the publisher for the review copy and inviting me on to the blog tour. 

'Escape and Evasion reads like a Network for the Bitcoin era.' Tony Parsons
City banker Joseph Ashcroft has stolen £1.34 billion from his own bank.
He has given it - untraceably - to impoverished strangers worldwide, and has fled.
Why has he done this? And will he get away with it?
Joseph knows that if he leaves the country, he will easily be tracked down. So he opts for hiding close by - first in the city, then in the woods near the home of his estranged family. An ex-soldier, he's adept at the art of camouflage.
On Joseph's trail is Ben Lancaster, the bank's head of security and, as it happens, a former army friend with whom he shares a violent, guilt-ridden past.
The hunt is on.
Escape and Evasion is a tragicomic tale of buried secrets, the lengths a man will go to win back those he loves, and the fallout from a monumental change of heart.

My Thoughts:

Escape and Evasion is the first book that I have read by Christopher Wakling. It is the sort of book that I possibly wouldn't consider, banking, soldiers etc. I am pleased to tell you how wrong I was. This is a book that moved me and made me think. I am still thinking about it long after finishing it. 

Joseph Ashcroft is a banker and he steals over a billion pounds and distributes it across the world to poor people. He then goes on the run, on his trail is the Bank's Head of Security. Will he catch up with Joseph and why did Joseph do what he did in the first place?

The pacing in this novel is perfect and the writing is sublime and memorable. It is thrilling and exciting, wondering if somebody can shift all of that money and get away with it. 

This book is more than a thriller though, there is real heart, depth and morality here. This is the story of Joseph Ashcroft and all of his emotions and motivations. 

Fascinating and highly readable. I loved this interesting and intriguing read. I wish the author every success. 

About the Author:
Christopher Wakling is a novelist and travel writer whose previous books include On Cape Three PointsThe Undertow and Towards the Sun.
Born in 1970, he was educated at Oxford, and has worked as a teacher and lawyer. He lives in Bristol with his wife and children.
Twitter: @chriswakling
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